Jerusalem Filtered

I took my 4th trip (?) to Jerusalem today and once again it was just …mind boggling. Today’s agenda featured Yad Vashem (so powerful that even a robot feels something after a visit), Theodore Herzl‘s tomb (I also purchased a hipster Herzl meets Andy Warhol iPhone 5 case), The Kotel (always special) aaaaaaaand I learned […]

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I shouldn’t be stuck. I should have everything figured out by now as I am almost 35 years old…right? This is not a new feeling for me but I wanted this time in Israel to be a “time out” to think and make concrete decisions about what it is I want to do in life […]

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The New Aleph Bet Song

It is not quite Debbie Friedman’s Aleph Bet song but ANI OHEVET this song  (and now i need to figure out the lyrics in order to sing along)! Victoria Hanna’s Aleph Bet  Thanks to the blog 1IsraeliSong I found a translation of the song (my apologies for not asking for permission). Man and beast Flesh […]

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Labels Schlabels.

I read an inspiring essay in the Times of Israel by Aryeh Ben David and thought I would share. I am the Queen of labeling things and at the very same time I find that I do not exactly fit into the labels I (or others) create…but do any of us really ever fit neatly inside […]

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How did I gain weight here? Truth be told I have been on the steady incline for the past year but one of my Israel goals was to lose a little…which didn’t feel very challenging as It is the land of hummus. I ditched beer drinking a week to cut down on the caloric intake […]

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Fun Brew

Despite my brain’s recent Hebrew language regression…I thought I would share some fun Hebrew words I was recently informed of. mish mish- apricot gal gal—-wheel dar dar—thorn tzar tzar–cricket af af—– eye lid lav lav–pancreas tal tal– lock of hair

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Just musings…not necessarily full fleshed out thoughts. so…keep this in mind. Have Americans Disneyfied Israel? I put that question out there today because some days I think this to be true. Everywhere I turn I see the imprint Americans have left here via their organizations, private donations etc.and it makes me proud but a tad […]

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Today’s News…

A lot is going on in the world J wise. Check out the links below and please note that these articles do not necessarily reflect my opinions. Orthodox parents embrace their openly gay son Former Rabbi indicted for taking bribes Israeli coming of age movie Katy Perry wears a Yalmulke dress Why some people are against […]

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The Student Tov

Hebrew is grueling ללמוד. Perhaps learning any language at the age of 34 (shaloshim Arbaah) would prove as challenging but this language from an English speaker’s perspective seems particularly challenging. My first level of Ulpan is coming to a close and אני מרגיש that I still know zip. I know I am being hard on […]

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