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I returned Sunday afternoon from a final weekend retreat with my AVODAH fellowship. The retreat was incredible and I couldn’t have asked for more (sans maybe an extra day). The home cooked meals were amazing, conversation deep, country surroundings gorgeous and the individuals that comprise my fellowship are honestly just amazing human beings that do … Continue reading

My Thoughts…

Where do I even start? A few weeks ago heartbreak. The three boys did not come home in the way we had prayed for. The protests, the hash tagged signs and the solidarity of the Jewish community amounted in three funerals followed by retaliation of an innocent Arab boy by our own hands (extremists…but Jews … Continue reading

Blog Quickie.

Just a quick post! I came across an interesting article that intersects two of the religions I have been a part of: Mormonism & Judaism. Check out the link. Also reading the book “Rebbe” by Joseph Telushkin.  Fascinating biography of  Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson. I’ll write more about this book later…but…wow.  Continue reading

Hmm…Now What?

I’m a Jew now. The Mikveh excitement has come and gone,  I wear my small Star of David necklace proudly and try to wink at the Chasidim to let them know (wink) I’m a tribe member too. Now what?  The weight of Judaism is on my shoulders (no pressure) and I feel that I need to … Continue reading


The “cheesecake holiday” came and went once again. It commemorates the giving of the Torah to the nation of Israel.  A significant moment in mankind. For the fourth (?) year straight I spent the evening at the Manhattan JCC on the Upper West Side and had the privilege of attending talks given by Rabbi Joseph … Continue reading

High on Judaism.

I will write more about my experiences later but I have been on such a spiritual high. I don’t think I have been as nervous nor butchered prayers in Hebrew more than I did last Thursday…but I did it. I am Jewish! The door leading the mikveh. I was so nervous that I had a … Continue reading

Mikveh Eve.

  Well in less than 12 hours I’ll be officially Jewish.  I am excited simply put and in  a weird, weird way I have that Christmas Eve feeling that I had as a kid. That something amazing is on the horizon. Bad simile I know…but I remember as a kid magic  thinking there was magic … Continue reading

Speed Davening.

One that has been bothering me… I get that there are a lot of prayers during Friday night services. I get that if we read them at a slower comfortable pace we might be there for the entire duration of Shabbat. I get it. HOWEVER, reciting them at a competitive speed talker pace lacks (in … Continue reading