A State of Maine: Day 1

IMG_6393 This place is magical. I am officially on my “retreat”.  My accommodations for the next few days are  “yuppie rustic”. Yuppie perhaps only because I have access to wifi & electricity. Rustic as  I have to hike across the grass to the wooden outhouse if a bowel need arises. Fun fact; The outhouse is next to the chicken coop.

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Leaving on a Greyhound…

boboh about townI just booked myself a little writer/soul retreat. Tuesday morning I’ll be headed to the green state of Maine via the luxurious Greyhoud bus.  Asides from my chosen mode of transportation,  I am excited to write, hike, star gaze, fire pit sit and just be. 

I considered flying to California to visit friends/ family, camp, hike and just get in a good head space for school but financially it just didn’t seem practical as I am going back later in the summer/fall for a friend’s wedding.  Continue reading

Living it Up at the…Library

the library

the library

I decided that I needed to take advantage of my neighborhood library (after being inspired by my Pittsburgh friend’s nightstand stacked with library books).  I have been in desperate need of a writing place that is in stumbling distance of my apartment in order to combat my leaving the house laziness (note: I used to have a gym in the building that I lived in and despite its simple 30 second elevator flight…it proved “too far” …I went a whopping one time).

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The Fish Snake

I find myself astounded when somebody doesn’t know who Hadag Nahash are. C’mon people The FISH SNAKE…who doesn’t know of this super famous band? Apparently most of the world outside the Middle East.

I suppose I should lower my fanbase expectations afterall up until 2 minutes ago I thought their name translated to “The IMG_1182 Fish and the Snake”…nope wrong it is just Fish Snake. #UlpanFailure . Continue reading