Jesus Christ Super Adjective

Through the writing of Mary Daly (who suggests we call G-d—“The Verb’), black feminist Doris Williams and Alice Walker I’ve deepened my understanding of Jesus Christ this week in my Women & Religion course.

It might be over-the-top tired mumbo- jumbo (I last night I attended the Stop Iran Deal rally in Times Square followed by my brother taking me out for authentic Chinese food in Chinatown) but thought I’d share with you my response paper on a re-thinking of the Christian messiah. Please excuse all grammar etc.!

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Sisterhood of the Wall

I wrote this response paper to theologian Mary Daly’s book Beyond God the Father using the famed Women of the Wall as an example of a revolution of sisterhood…thought I’d share.

The Sisterhood of the Wall

    “In our social advocacy work, we aim to change the status-quo that is currently preventing women from being able to pray freely at the Western Wall. lt has great ramifications for women’s rights in Judaism and in Israel” (mission statement of Women of the Wall ). Women of the Wall consistently attempts to eradicate the traditional structures of their religion by praying without patriarchal restraint. This “sisterhood of revolution” exemplifies what Mary Daly encourages in: Beyond God the Father. Continue reading

Ready, Set Go!

Aaaaaaand the second set of summer courses has started! I am taking “Women and Religion” and a computer course (there is a 2 class limit). It’s only day one and I’ve been assigned to write a 2-page paper on the definition of a “woman”, reading the two creation stories in Genesis and a 3-4 sentence definition of the term “religion” through the lens of an additional assigned reading. Continue reading

A State of Maine: Day 1

IMG_6393 This place is magical. I am officially on my “retreat”.  My accommodations for the next few days are  “yuppie rustic”. Yuppie perhaps only because I have access to wifi & electricity. Rustic as  I have to hike across the grass to the wooden outhouse if a bowel need arises. Fun fact; The outhouse is next to the chicken coop.

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Leaving on a Greyhound…

boboh about townI just booked myself a little writer/soul retreat. Tuesday morning I’ll be headed to the green state of Maine via the luxurious Greyhoud bus.  Asides from my chosen mode of transportation,  I am excited to write, hike, star gaze, fire pit sit and just be. 

I considered flying to California to visit friends/ family, camp, hike and just get in a good head space for school but financially it just didn’t seem practical as I am going back later in the summer/fall for a friend’s wedding.  Continue reading