Back in the USA. Sigh.

welcoming committee

My amazing welcome committee.

After an emotional goodbye and 14 hours of flying on a craptastic Russian airline…I arrived back in New York City. My adventure in Israel was over. Three of my friends surprised me with signs at the airport which temporarily changed my “F-the world” disposition and we headed home via yellow cab to Brooklyn. I chatted with the AT&T operator who exemplified the definition of customer service while she restored my cell phone service and once home broke open the bottle of arak to share. Everything seemed different...foreign. Strange what two months away can do. I spoke in broken Hebrew (which was nothing new) and resisted yelling out “anglit” when hearing others speak English on the street while walking to dinner.

My final weekend in Israel was amazing and I’ll post about that experience later. For now I am jet lagged, set on only eating homemade Middle Eastern food (and Mexican…ohhhh how i’ve missed Mexican food!) and marinating in my memories of Israel.


Selfie with Bibi

Selfie with Bibi

Disclaimer: I don’t want Shiksa-ism to take a solid politic stance…I want it to be a political safe space for people of all opinions to engage each other in respectful debate…not to mention that I am still figuring out my views.

Mr. Bibi Netanyahu does not speak for all of Israel or all Jews. 

While living in Israel over the past few months I learned to take my opinion of Middle Eastern politics down a notch. I don’t know enough, I don’t live in Israel (or a surrounding nation) most policies don’t effect my life and things are…complicated. Continue reading

Pumped for Purim!

Israeli super hero Purim costumeTel Aviv is pumped for Purim as illustrated by the 99 cent crap stores turned Purim costume crap emporiums.  As this is my first Purim in Israel the pressure is on.

Despite my boyfriend’s protesting I have settled on dressing up as an “Israeli super hero”. This includes accessories like an Israeli flag cape, Haredi hat (faux curls hang at the side) and a realistic looking machine and cap gun (IDF meets American West?). As such “toys” are banned in NYC (maybe the entire USA?) I am taking full advantage of their use here. Continue reading



I shouldn’t be stuck. I should have everything figured out by now as I am almost 35 years old…right?

This is not a new feeling for me but I wanted this time in Israel to be a “time out” to think and make concrete decisions about what it is I want to do in life career wise and alas I am still stuck albeit slightly more relaxed. Continue reading


IMG_6652Truth be told I have been on the steady incline for the past year but one of my Israel goals was to lose a little weight…which didn’t feel very challenging as It is the land of hummus.

I ditched beer drinking a week to cut down on the caloric intake and switched back to wine and vodka (ohhhh the sacrifices) but it still has not made much of a dent plus as an added bonus I keep having nightmares about the size of my ballooning stomach…so today I changed into my tv watching/work out clothing and headed to the small park a block from where I am living and exercised for… less than 20 minutes. Continue reading