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Male Mail.

My name is Chriss. In the past few years my name has become a bright headlight type of indicator that I was not born into the tribe of J. Sometimes to avoid the question of “are you Jewish?” I introduce myself by my Hebrew name Miri (or waaaaaaay back when by my fauxbrew name of … Continue reading

Tu Ba’av & Such…

I babysat on Tu Ba’av. I know, I know…it was the “Jewish Valentine’s Day”. I preferred to make a little cash instead vs. spend the evening looking for my beshert.  I did however go on a pre-babysitting date with an Israeli in the late afternoon so I think that counts…bar, beer and good conversation were … Continue reading

You Can Quote Me…

Well as you all know I’m a die hard fan of the group “Bulletproof Stockings”.  They are performing tonight at Arlene’s Grocery for an all women audience (as they observe Kol Isha). This is the first time the venue will not admit men for a performance.  Due to my fan-dom I was interviewed by the … Continue reading


Tisha Ba’av (the 9th of Av…Av being a month of the Jewish calendar) is almost here…so what the H is it all about? Sadness. Yes Tragedy. Yes Reflection. Yes. I wonder if this also includes rocking yourself to Sia or Cat Stevens songs…errrr nevermind. Apparently relatively unbeknownst to me the last few weeks have marked … Continue reading

Journalism Jumbled.

Maybe i’ll just smoke hookah. It seems to be a better than relying on journalist integrity lately. Every day there is something new…some “insight” or accusation to illuminate the going ons between the Gaza and Israel. I do my best to look at the source of each news story…but find some of them just absurd. For example sources … Continue reading


I returned Sunday afternoon from a final weekend retreat with my AVODAH fellowship. The retreat was incredible and I couldn’t have asked for more (sans maybe an extra day). The home cooked meals were amazing, conversation deep, country surroundings gorgeous and the individuals that comprise my fellowship are honestly just amazing human beings that do … Continue reading

My Thoughts…

Where do I even start? A few weeks ago heartbreak. The three boys did not come home in the way we had prayed for. The protests, the hash tagged signs and the solidarity of the Jewish community amounted in three funerals followed by retaliation of an innocent Arab boy by our own hands (extremists…but Jews … Continue reading