A Jew Named Chriss

I find that having a name that means “devout Christian” (Christina)  has created an unnecessary psychological barrier between me and the Jewish community that I am attempting to cultivate.

While meeting with my rabbi a few weeks ago, I told her that I had been using a more “Jewy” name when attending more orthodox events. It initially started as a joke between a friend and I but found that it  quickly alleviated the awkwardness I felt when introducing myself.  I was immediately chastised (in a thought provoking way).  My Rabbi asked “why is Chriss not a Jewish name”? She’s right. Hiding my name ,hides who I am, where I come from and my unique Jewish journey. I wasn’t born a Jew. I am a Jew by choice.




2 thoughts on “A Jew Named Chriss

  1. I had to click through and read this – my former Dean at Penn State is a Judaic scholar, and Christian by religion and by name (Dr. Christian Brady). He has fielded questions about his name throughout his career, often with colleagues suggesting he “go by another name.”

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