Sukkot is here! I am truly fascinated with this holiday. Six years ago I lived in Boro Park, Brooklyn. Boro Park for those readers outside of New York City is a neighborhood in Brooklyn where the majority of the Ultra Orthodox Jewish population is centered. It is truly a unique neighborhood to say the very least. At that point in time I was still just a lapsed Mormon who needed a cheap room to rent and virtually knew nothing about Judaism. With this in mind, l remember seeing these little plywood houses erected outside Hasidic family homes and feeling puzzled. Beekeeping? Outdoor showers? Goyim housing? I had not an iota of a clue as to what a sukkah was. Fast forward to this evening and you can find me having dinner in such a hut on the Upper East Side.

Monday night I was invited to a sushi & beer Sukkot text study hosted by the Upper West Side Chabad. As much as I love Chabad events, I find myself feeling discriminated against somehow. This time it was by a group of much younger orthodox women. I feel like I am a bold, intelligent, friendly person but they collectively sucked the positive energy out of the room leaving me feeling very insecure… I digress, I ended up studying text with an inviting group of men & women (who were not a-holes). We discussed the principles of sukkah “ownership”. Very nitty gritty but interesting! I learned that one needs to own a lulav but one can own, borrow or steal a sukkah.

A very photoshopped pic of me outside of a sukkah.


Inside a sukkah


Lulav…wave it around!


Yom Tov!


One thought on “Sukkot

  1. I enjoyed your post. It conveyed a feeling of ecitement. But I have a question, why do you feel discriminated against in Chabad? It’s the only place I don’t feel discriminated against. Of course, the reason for our discrimination may be different, but nontheless, I’m curious. Chabad is what made me feel safe in Judaism, and I’m curious as to learning more about your experience.

    Gut vach!

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