Mind Explosion.

I never realized how saturated September is with Jewish holidays. I’ve celebrated the new year, atoned, ate dinner in a hut and will soon dance in the streets. I have learned about smaller known Jewish sects (KaraiteKhazarsSubbotniks) and about the underground world of sheitels.  I think my mind is going to explode (in a good way).

This time of year is such a joyous season of eating, drinking and merriment! Last night I attended a sukkah event at the Sixth Street Community Synagogue hosted by the Lower East Side Jewish Conservancy. It was a lot of fun and the people in attendance were welcoming and  from many walks of Judaism. I even knew a few of them from other events I’ve been to.

Tonight I am celebrating Shemini Atzeret at a private party on the Upper West Side.


2 thoughts on “Mind Explosion.

  1. Those sects sound interesting, but also not really inline with just Judaism. One is a Hebrew-Christians like sect, another isn’t Jewish at all and practices idol worship, and the other, well, I didn’t see it blatantly go against the Torah, it just has different practices and beliefs, which is great.

    Call me worried because I’m reading Shea Hechts “Confessions of a Jewish Cultbuster” right now, or because this sent off a signal to me, or both. I just wanted to relay my concern. 🙂

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