Simchat Torah

What a fun week!!! From Sukkot to Shemini Atzeret to Simchat Torah…I ate, drank (scotch!) danced and enjoyed general merriment with friends

My Jew crew and I hit up celebrations for Simchat Torah via private parties, Manhattan Jewish Experience (which despite fun…lacked in the delivery of their promised Mexican theme) , West Side Institutional, Carlebach and eventually an Irish bar. I felt that every Jew in NYC was out celebrating. How did I never witness this in the past?

Highlight: Realizing that I truly am cultivating a Jewish identity.
Downside: I didn’t like watching  men dance with the Torah while I had to sit back with a group of burned out orthodox mothers.


I know, I know. No photos. I couldn’t help but to take at least one from Simchat Torah @ Carlebach on the Upper West Side.


Simchat splits at the Irish Bar.

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