Monday Night at the MJE.

Last night I went to a beginners Hebrew course at Manhattan Jewish Experience (MJE).  Although I am fairly comfortable with the Alef-Bet, I need to practice, practice, practice in order to be able to actually read at an uhhhhh literate sounding pace. I am tired of having a nervous breakdown when presented with material that is not transliterated.  

The class was packed full of Jews and non-Jews alike and everybody was at different Hebrew comfort ( or discomfort) levels. Our instructor was an incredibly good looking Israeli which I am sure will prove conducive to the learning experience. I am happy to report that I felt a little like a Hebrew rock star for knowing some of the basics. I’ve come a long ways since the tear-filled Hebrew bootcamp I attended at the beginning of this year. 

After class, a friend and I had registered for the MJE’s “Six Steps to Spiritual Success” which kicked off with pizza, wine and a great discussion on introspection and prayer lead by Rabbi Cohen. I learned about one of the morning prayers Modeh Ani and plan to incorporate it into my morning routine. 


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