Friday night I attended the JCC Manhattan’s Shabbat Shebang (Shabbat dinner meets game night). There must have been at least a hundred 20s and 30 somethings there.  I had of course pre-gamed this event by dishing out  A LOT of smack talk in regards to my winning ways to a few friends via Facebook.

Several glasses of wine into the evening, the room went SILENT as if somebody was about to make a speech. Nothing happened and game playing resumed.  It happened again and I realized that this may have been my doing. I had been so overjoyed at winning a round that I must have said “shhhhh” or something equally shushing  towards my tablemates that the entire room felt compelled to stop their game play and listen. Never one to shirk an opportune public speaking moment, I gave my best 8 second Oscar/Emmy/Tony/ Superbowl speech to a not so adoring crowd… in reference to my round win in Cards Against Humanity.

Oy. This is how reputations get made.


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