1. I loved TribeFest New Orleans!  It was incredible to be around so many Jews from all around the USA & Canada. An education highlight was the discussion “Prayer, Spirituality & the Art of Passion; Striving Higher & Searching Deeper” lead by the amazing  Rabbi Neil Blumofe and Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz.  Neil Blumofe is a kick ass Chazzan and Shmuly Yanklowitz reminded me of a Jewish Joel Osteen. Very inspiring.

2. I have 2 new favorite prayers: Ashrei & Alenu.
Not since the prayer Vshamru have I been so excited. During this morning’s subway commute to work I was tapping around on my ipad app “My Siddur” when I came across Ashrei.  I quickly recognized it is one of the fast prayers that always get me pumped on Shabbat.  Check it out…if you have not already. As an added bonus each line is in alphabetical order…hopefully making it easier to memorize. Alenu I am listening to on repeat via my itunes version by Rabbi Mark Zimmerman. Love the tune (not to mention the prayer itself).


3. Despite my love of Reform Judaism, I am still thinking about a modern orthodox conversion. I do not know anything about the process…so if any of you can share your experiences/thoughts/etc., please do.

4. Just purchased a new book called “Prayerbook Hebrew The Easy Way”. I also purchased its audio companion via  I am really trying to get passed my transliteration crutch. I will let you know how it works out.

Prayerbook Hebrew

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