Matzo selfie

I sold my chametz to I’m honestly not entirely sure what this means except that I can have leavened foods stashed away in my home for the next seven days.

The meaning of Passover (aka Pesach) has evolved for me personally over the past few years. At first it was just a boring holiday that I found difficult to connect to…not to mention the revelation that charoset is possibly my least favorite side dish.

In the years to follow, it turned into a fun family gathering with my ex’s family in NYC and Atlanta. It was amazing privilege to experience their seder traditions and feel part of a cohesive Jewish family. After my ex and I broke up Passover became a sad, bitter reminder of all that I had lost and I feared that I would not be able to engage fully in the holiday. Last year I grudgingly accepted an invitation to a friend of a friend’s seder in Long Island and ended up meeting one of my best friends. Passover has evolved into a symbol of new beginnings.

New beginnings…I can’t think of a better way to capture the spirit of this holiday. It marks the independence of our enslaved Jewish ancestors who bravely forged a new life against all odds, it marks nature’s change of seasons and last but not least it gives us an opportunity to reflect on our faith and the world around us. There are many modern day plagues…check out the link below for AVODAH‘s Haggadah supplement that highlights many of the challenges we face as a society today that should not go unnoticed.

AVODAH’s Haggadah supplement

Tonight I will attend a seder at a kosher restaurant in Manhattan. It is hosted by Manhattan Jewish Experience and this occasion marks the first seder that I will attend by myself. I suppose this too is a new beginning in that it shows my growth as an almost member of tribe. The fact that I can go to a seder and participate fully is a big step for me (although there better be transliterated Haggadahs!).

So for now, I  invite you to think about your own personal reasons for the season.

Chag Sameach!


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