Tribe Time.

I don’t know why I have been so silent. Perhaps I’m afraid I’ll jinx it  if I talk about it…

A few weeks ago I met with my Rabbi and we both agreed…it was time…J tribe time. I’ve been studying and building up a Jewish community over the past few years and have started to really feel Jewish (whatever that means…I don’t think I can actually quantify this in words) and next Thursday morning (May 22) I will go before the Beit Din and then take a dip in the mikvah. I am nervous, excited, terrified and thrilled beyond words to finish the conversion process. Whoah…the finish line actually just the beginning.

I’ve also (finally) decided upon the Hebrew name of Miriam. I’ve always like the name and there is a lot of cool midrashim on her.  Choosing my own name has been difficult journey to say the least. As there weren’t any obvious Hebrew names that linked to my deceased relatives that I would like to honor…so it really came down to what felt meaningful. I thought about going by Shaina…that was my “fauxbrew” name initially…but as this was a fresh start and I could see myself placing my brother in a basket in a river and wishing him the best…plus there my Rabbi said there is a midrash about Miriam essentially saving the entire Jewish race. I digress.

I’ve spent this past week writing a personal statement addressing four questions. I am paraphrasing but the questions are essentially the following;

1. What lead me to Judaism?

2. What rituals do I observe?

3. What do I wrestle with?

4. What is my relationship to G-d, spirituality etc.?

I could have written a book addressing all of this but I settled on a cliff note version as this is for the beit din to receive ahead of time to get to know a little more about my journey ahead of time. Perhaps I’ll share a portion of the statement in my next post.

Count down 1 week.


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