Journalism Jumbled.


Maybe i’ll just smoke hookah. It seems to be a better than relying on journalist integrity lately.

Every day there is something new…some “insight” or accusation to illuminate the going ons between the Gaza and Israel. I do my best to look at the source of each news story…but find some of them just absurd. For example sources like “” ( I made up this source but I would not be surprised if this was a real site) may not be the best to shed light to the plight of the Palestinians nor a website calling all Israeli soldiers “Pigs”. Even sources like the NY Times seem to be coming from biased viewpoints. This is a source that I have trusted my entire life.

I find myself turning to Op-eds and heartfelt civilian youtube videos to understand the situation more fully. At the end of the day I am still saddened and slightly confused over all the skewed news.  There is no middle ground it appears. I won’t pretend that I do not support Israel…however there are matters that I do struggle with. Israel is not perfect and the conflicts unfortunately not black & white…there are at least 49 shades of gray. Do your research on sources so we can truly band together.

To shed some light as to the “basics” of the Middle East Conflict (…although I am sure that it is spun slightly to favor Israel) click on the link below. It is not specific to the events as of lately but gives a nice overview (sorry if I have shared this before).

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

On a completely different note I learned what “Am Israel Chai” means (as I have seen this posted on various social media platforms. The people of Israel live. Powerful stuff.

Am Israel Chai.

One thought on “Journalism Jumbled.

  1. Our black-and-white world demands black-and-white loyalties. We don’t like anything that can’t be condensed into a soundbite. I, like you, am very torn about this issue. I do not see any reasonable analogue to the Israel-Palestine situation in history or anywhere else in the world, but most people refuse to believe that Hamas is Yet Another Iteration Of Aggression Against A Smaller State. Never mind that with the exception of Egypt and possibly Jordan, every single nation that surrounds Israel wants it wiped off the map. There’s no way to negotiate or compromise when one side is demanding total elimination of the other.

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