Tisha Ba’av (the 9th of Av…Av being a month of the Jewish calendar) is almost here…so what the H is it all about?

Sadness. Yes
Tragedy. Yes
Reflection. Yes.

I wonder if this also includes rocking yourself to Sia or Cat Stevens songs…errrr nevermind.
Apparently relatively unbeknownst to me the last few weeks have marked anniversary upon anniversary of terrible events. It also appears that we can add the present Israel/Gaza issue.

I found a few great resources:

Everything You Need to Know About Tisha B’Av


Reasons Why We Fast-Haaretz.

The rules…there are always rules/laws/prohibitions that usually involve my favorite things:

No eating/drinking.
No bathing or washing in general.
No creams or lotions.
No leather shoes.
No sex
No sitting higher than a foot off the ground (Hmmmm…I need to research this one a bit).

May everyone observing have a meaningful fast!

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