Freaking the Rosh Out.

I am freaking the Rosh Hashanah out. I feel so ill prepared observing the upcoming Jewish new year that I made a colorful Rosh Hashanah schedule on my ipad.


Regrets. I should have been going to all the classes offered to help deepen my understanding of this season or have done extensive reading…but no, I didn’t do any of this (hence my anxieties). I want to make it meaningful. Ffffffff have I already failed my first new year as a new Jew?

This time of year tends to be very “self-help happy”. In hope that I can ease my anxieties  have listed my questions/fears/commentary/etc.

1. Clothing. Do I have to wear white to RH services? This list is not in any particular order so don’t think that this question is of highest priority. Having said that I HATE wearing white and prefer my red dress. Apples are red.

2. Transliteration. Although I am going to a beginner friendly service…I still freak out wondering if everything will be transliterated. Sometimes I read everything quickly in English and than in the transliterated Hebrew…double the work but important to know what I the heck I am saying.

3. Thoughts. What should I be thinking about?  As it is new years perhaps my energy is best used to take extensive inventory of my life. A Facebook friend recently wrote a great blog entry about this. Check it out: .

Some rabbis say to give yourself a theme to focus on. I found this Bill Cosby quote to reflect upon.


4. Family. This time of year many fellow members of the tribe are spending the holiday with their families. As I don’t have any cemented traditions as yet or Jewish family members I am forced to rely on the community as my family. Thankfully I live in New York City so there are a lot of RH options for the J-loner.

5.  Apples & honey. Apparently the Talmud suggests various symbolic foods I should eat during this time. I will skip the sheep head thank you very much.

Mind is now on overload.

Rosh Out.

Shana Tovah! 

5 thoughts on “Freaking the Rosh Out.

  1. I kinda feeling like I’m failing a bit as a new jew this year too :/ I think it’s difficult since we are new to this and there was a lull in holidays kind of getting me out of my groove. But that’s the good thing about the new beginning of a new year, we can make amends and do better! Shana Tovah!!

  2. Also, I forgot I was going to answer you clothes question too. Keeping in mind I go to a reform synagogue, no one was really wearing white. You def want to wear your nicest clothes though.

  3. Can you approach this a different way?

    As far as thoughts: Have you improved over the course of the past year? Will you commit to improving over the course of the coming year?

    If you have, then remember – the outward signs are largely symbolic. You are not a “bad Jew” if you haven’t memorized the siddur yet. Right now I’m still trying to memorize the songs (so, of course, they’ve changed for different tunes for the High Holy Days…).

    Wearing red might make you stick out like a sore thumb, but so what? If red is the color of joy for you, wear it! I went to Erev services last night and most people were in all colors, not white.

    I wish you Shanah Tovah and a sweet New Year.

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