Tribe Circus

Wow. An owner of a restaurant made an anti semitic comment to a Rabbi who had ordered a salad.  Surprisingly the online reaction to the story can only be described as a colorful commentary circus.

Man Ejected from Eatery

Read the comments from the article and see what I mean. It illustrates how mind boggingly fractured the Jewish community can be during times when we need to band together the most. Many of the comments revolve around that the Rabbi eating at a non kosher restaurant and deserves the anti semitism as a result. Quickly the commentary evolved into discussing (I use that term loosely) religious pluralism.

I also llearned about a Rabbi named Rav Ovadia Yosef. Check out his most controversial quotes. I plan to research him a little more in depth but right now appalled that this man was a leader of the Jewish people (well a particular sect).

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