Chillin in the ‘Viv’.

IMG_1094While my fellow New Yorkers are playing in the snow…I am chilling on a beach facing the Mediterranean Sea. It is slightly chilly which means Israelis are dressed up like Eskimos…but as it is at least 50 degrees warmer than my usual January experience so it feels like summer time (almost).

Weekending ala Hacker Space

I had the unique opportunity to watch a group of tech wiz’ create an arcade game from scratch.  The team of geniuses worked around the clock at HackerSpace— which is this very hipster-ish computer wiz work space that resembles a garage. It is open 24 hours a day and people have memberships.

arcade game from scratch
arcade game from scratch

To open the door there is even a “special knock”. It was a cool environment and as everybody was busy with their projects and talking tech in Hebrew (techbrew?)…I kicked back, contributed my vocal talents for a video game, drank beer, played retro Nintendo on a huge projector screen and caught up with friends ala Facebook. Chilllllll.


1. Public recycling.

recycled shame
recycled shame

I call it jail…for plastics. Every few streets you will find large cages where environmentally conscious citizens dispose of their plastic wares. If you want to save the planet you’ll need to lug your recyclables and await public judgement.

2. Bathroom door keys

Most of the older bathrooms I have used come equipped with a skeleton type key. Why? I do not know but it is kind of cool.

bathroom keys...
bathroom keys

2. Showering 2nd world style.

In order to ensure one gets a hot shower you need to:

Turn on the timer

shower timer

…which heats up this mega- beast

beastly hot water heater
the mega-beast

I will covet my New York City bathtub upon my return!

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