Side Note.

game face.
Game face.

Change is hard. Really hard. You can only go around in circles so many times before you become completely discombobulated. I had to try something new and January 2015 proved to be perfect timing to take an extended vacation in the land o’holy. I had met a great man in New York City who lives in Tel Aviv, contractually my job was coming to an end and I wanted to travel to see, taste and feel the “Jewish Homeland” that I have heard so many stories about (biblical and…not). So that is what I did.

I’ve been here a month and feel (wait! I learned that word in Ulpan yesterday!  “מרגיש” or something like that…) that I have yet to “find myself”. I was hoping that I would feel so incredibly recharged that the process of “finding myself” would be expedited exponentially . Nope. I haven’t had a profound deepening of my faith (Tel Aviv is super secular…), I still don’t know what it “is” I want to “do” and my Hebrew language skills have a lot to be desired.

So I will keep taking forward steps, deep breaths and plunge further into the unknown.

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