The Student Tovah


Hebrew is grueling ללמוד. Perhaps learning any language at the age of 34 (shaloshim Arbaah) would prove as challenging but this language from an English speaker’s perspective seems particularly challenging.

My first level of Ulpan is coming to a close and אני מרגיש that I still know zip. I know I am being hard on myself as there have been a few proud milestones: I can make my way slowly through a sentence with some comprehension and I have mastered my Borat impersonation…but I thought it would be easier. I know, I know, I know.


I know I need to study harder and more effectively as my current plan of action isn’t working (soaking in the Hebrew spoken around me, attending Ulpan with minimal study and yelling out random words I recognize during my boyfriend’s conversations with his friends). Will I ever be at least semi fluent or continue to freak out when someone approaches me in Hebrew and I just sputter out English?

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