IMG_6652Truth be told I have been on the steady incline for the past year but one of my Israel goals was to lose a little weight…which didn’t feel very challenging as It is the land of hummus.

I ditched beer drinking a week to cut down on the caloric intake and switched back to wine and vodka (ohhhh the sacrifices) but it still has not made much of a dent plus as an added bonus I keep having nightmares about the size of my ballooning stomach…so today I changed into my tv watching/work out clothing and headed to the small park a block from where I am living and exercised for… less than 20 minutes.

Some of this time was admittedly spent analyzing a man also working
out who I felt could easily stab or rape somebody (probably me) based on the energy he was giving out. I made mental notes as to his features (serial killerish) in case of a line up later at the Moussad station later.

IMG_6654The park (like many parks here) had some outdoor gym equipment which I fooled around on until I decided to try running. I ran for like 3 minutes…literally. I felt like I was torturing myself. It felt like I was running in slow motion.

I need to do this every day. Ugh.

3 thoughts on “Intervention

  1. I’ve put on 45 lbs over the last two years. I like how my boobs look, but consistently feel like I am wearing a child’s flotation device around my waist. I’ve embraced the theory that dressing up the extra weight makes up for not fitting into my favorite jeans, but had a mini-breakdown last night as I admitted that I am 60lbs above my highest goal weight (how the heck!!???). Actually, I know exactly how it happened (have you ever tried s’mores ice cream?), but now comes the re-commitment to getting “back in shape”. Back to banishing sugar, and booze (mostly), and all the tasty breads and pastas I’ve been enjoying with reckless abandon. No more special coffees, afternoon cookies, or full size Trinideli sammies with sugary caramelized onions and thick cut bacon. Back to walking more, even if just on the treadmill, and a renewed self promise to use my Zumba dvds at least 4 times a week. It has been highly enjoyable eating and drinking my way through three dress sizes, but now the work begins to reclaim the version of me that I find most comfortable. Here we go!

  2. Three minutes is still three minutes! I think that’s an accomplishment. I just started back to working out and watching what I eat this week also, it’s not easy! Good luck to you!

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