Labels Schlabels.

stormy oceanfront to reflect upon...

I read an inspiring essay in the Times of Israel by Aryeh Ben David and thought I would share.

I am the Queen of labeling things and at the very same time I find that I do not exactly fit into the labels I (or others) create…but do any of us really ever fit neatly inside a label? My guess is no.

Aryeh Ben David asks 3 questions that I now pose to you;

  • What are your strengths as a Jew?
  • What are you struggling with?
  • What are the small steps that you need/want to take to improve?

I will think about the questions posed and write about each separately later but the cliff note version is that I am bright eyed, eager to learn, way too tough on myself and have A LOT to improve upon.

I urge you to marinate with the posed questions and if you feel inspired to share please do via comments!

2 thoughts on “Labels Schlabels.

  1. I’d say my strengths as a Jew are my passion and love for Judaism. I’m struggling with feeling adequate enough in my practices. I’m hoping to take more time out to read books on jewish topics that interest me and attend Shabbat regularly.

  2. Thank you Sarah for your honesty! I relate to everything you mentioned…especially feeling adequate in my own practices…right now i feel like i’m a mediocre jew…but then again what does that even mean lol.

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