Pumped for Purim!

Israeli super hero Purim costumeTel Aviv is pumped for Purim as illustrated by the 99 cent crap stores turned Purim costume crap emporiums.  As this is my first Purim in Israel the pressure is on.

Despite my boyfriend’s protesting I have settled on dressing up as an “Israeli super hero”. This includes accessories like an Israeli flag cape, Haredi hat (faux curls hang at the side) and a realistic looking machine and cap gun (IDF meets American West?). As such “toys” are banned in NYC (maybe the entire USA?) I am taking full advantage of their use here.

Purim is like the “Jewish Halloween” except that there is an incredible story behind it…all found in the book of Esther.  I found a fun, user friendly explanation of this holiday on Alephbeta.org. Check it out!

I also unfortunately learned a “life lesson in Israel” today; Stay away from large groups of Israelis …unless you enjoy being cut in line, pushed and yelled at in Hebrew. Perhaps it was just the hustle and bustle of the holiday at the Dizengoff Center Mall but…c’mon tribe!

I am venturing to my first Shul (aka beit knesset)  in Israel tonight to listen to the recitation of the Megillah. Wish me luck that it will be a joyous, fun filled night.

Chag Sameach b’Tel Aviv!

Israeli nail pride
Israeli nail pride

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