Who is the Real Hero of Purim?

Israeli SuperHero
Israeli SuperHero

As I read from the Book of Esther (from the comfort of my couch) last night I found myself asking “why is the focus not more on Mordechai as the real hero of Purim vs. the much celebrated Esther”?
Put aside for the moment that he pimped out his adopted daughter to the King and focus on the fact that because of him we still have a peoplehood.

Afterall, HE staged his protest, HE advised Esther as to what she could do on behalf of the Jewish people and if not for him…well we may be a few less Jews if not entirely erased. I am all about the message of “Girl Power” but perhaps she was just a hooker version of a pawn…

After thinking such biblical thoughts I crashed a rooftop Purim party in the neighborhood. So the life of a crime fighting, thought provoking Isreali superhero (and international party crasher) goes…


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