Selfie with Bibi
Selfie with Bibi

Disclaimer: I don’t want Shiksa-ism to take a solid politic stance…I want it to be a political safe space for people of all opinions to engage each other in respectful debate…not to mention that I am still figuring out my views.

Mr. Bibi Netanyahu does not speak for all of Israel or all Jews. 

While living in Israel over the past few months I learned to take my opinion of Middle Eastern politics down a notch. I don’t know enough, I don’t live in Israel (or a surrounding nation) most policies don’t effect my life and things are…complicated. Unfortunately the American Jewry in New York City are on the opinion bull horn today ala social media due to the recent election and the loudest seem to be of those that worship Senor Bibi (somewhat blindly in my opinion…).
Essentially from what I have read “Israel should be thankful to Bibi for keeping Israel intact”. This begs the questions; just how intact is Israel?  What seems to be neglected in my opinion are all the domestic issues from the treatment of refugees and immigrants to the sky-high prices of daily living. Israel is more than the “Middle East conflict”…it’s is a real thriving society that needs leadership that can provide infrastructure efficiency and a clear vision for its future.

I think it is also important (and I know I have said this in previous blog posts) that we can be critical of Israel and not be accused of being anti-semitic or anti-Zionist (if we are a post Zionist) or…just not labeled period. IMG_1269 As Jews in the diaspora we need to remember that we live in the diaspora and although Israel might be our religious/cultural homeland/safe space until we actually live there on a more permanent basis our role is different from that of the Israeli citizen. We should of course should be opinionated but adhere to caution before we tout other nations leaders as saints and the solution to geopolitical conflicts. Our voice is important and it counts but we need to remember that it’s not the only voice.


2 thoughts on “Bibi-and-Me-nomics

  1. I definitely feel that opinion goes both ways. There are both camps out there, ones that worship and ones that abhor. Until I live there, which will likely not happen, I don’t feel that I have full ability to call it one way or the other so I try to tread the middle.

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