Back in the USA. Sigh.

welcoming committee
My amazing welcome committee.

After an emotional goodbye and 14 hours of flying on a craptastic Russian airline…I arrived back in New York City. My adventure in Israel was over. Three of my friends surprised me with signs at the airport which temporarily changed my “F-the world” disposition and we headed home via yellow cab to Brooklyn. I chatted with the AT&T operator who exemplified the definition of customer service while she restored my cell phone service and once home broke open the bottle of arak to share. Everything seemed different...foreign. Strange what two months away can do. I spoke in broken Hebrew (which was nothing new) and resisted yelling out “anglit” when hearing others speak English on the street while walking to dinner.

My final weekend in Israel was amazing and I’ll post about that experience later. For now I am jet lagged, set on only eating homemade Middle Eastern food (and Mexican…ohhhh how i’ve missed Mexican food!) and marinating in my memories of Israel.

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