The Tale of Two Seders

depressed me.
on strike

I’ve been on strike from resuming to “normal life” since I returned from my adventures in Israel. Having said that I am reminded on a daily basis how dire in need I am of a routine in order to be my most proactive self. Routine…I wish I could say it was overrated but the ADD begs to differ.  Two weeks ago I applied for re-admittance to a college as this appears to be the perfect time in my life to resume my studies and finally finish my BA. I found out I was accepted this morning and feel like this is perhaps the clarity I prayed for at the Kotel last month. I was hoping the clarity would be found more in the area of romance… Sigh. Maybe it has and I just don’t want to accept it. 

Passover forced me to leave the house (sans my beloved cherry flavored NyQuil)  despite my many, many sailor mouthed protests.  Friday night (#1 seder) I opted to not spend the evening with young single professionals ( hosted by one of my favorite congregations in mid town Manhattan) but rather at the home of friends on the Upper West Side. Their seder was progressive, abbreviated, Hebrew “light” and social justice centered (we not only dipped our fingers in wine for the ten plagues but for the black lives taken too soon by brutal nonsensical police force. “D & S” made their own Haggadah which had me in complete awe and the guests were comprised of intellectual Jews and non Jews alike which proved for great conversation.  I was home by 11pm. Fantastic evening.


Saturday evening’s seder was on the opposite end of the Jewish practice spectrum.  I was invited to my best friend’s family home in Connecticut. They are Orthodox which meant their seder was more “traditional” not to mention their observance of Shabbat and the Yom Tov (which is treated like Shabbat)…a much different practice than my own. Honestly…I was a bit nervous. Passover comes but 8 days a year and I am unfamiliar with most of the prayers etc. still. Truth be told I do break  out in “Dayenu” just for fun from time to time…well my made up version of it.

matzoh man!
matzoh man!

Also in my past Passover experiences the 2nd seder is more abbreviated and full of leftovers….so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  The seder was traditional, lively, thought provoking and like 5 hours long. The theme of the evening was “duality” we and discussed many of the dual themes of Passover and particular portions of the seder. We started around 8pm and ended somewhere in the realm of 1am…yes not the cliff notes version. I came away with a new favorite song. It is in Yiddish and about goats and cats…or something like that. I also came away with a sense that I should study the Haggadah during this time to gain a deeper appreciation and understanding. It truly is a unique holiday.


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