The Cat Came Back…?

Boboh come back!Boboh is missing. Boboh is my 2.5 year old cat of questionable intelligence (seriously he is developmentally delayed) and for yet to be explained reasons has runaway. After speaking with each of our neighbors and accusing them of catnapping we (my brother and I) think we spotted him coming into the our backyard via the “rape lot” fence entrance. The Rape Lot is actually just a parking lot where sketchy vehicles & characters can be found.  It is also a place that I keeps tabs on from my bedroom window just in case I can be used as a witness (it is an up and coming Brooklyn area) in a criminal trial. Boboh was born in a storage unit around the time of Hurricane Sandy. His mother abandoned him while she took care of her other kittens. He later was adopted by a great family in the Carroll Gardens area until they moved to Barbados and was returned back to me.  He is one of the sweetest most docile cats I have ever known…possibly to mankind. IMG_6993

In the past few hours we have tried various trapping/luring techniques including bringing one of his sibling cats (in a carrier) to sit outside near a bunch of cans of cat food. We also tried my brother sitting in the backyard shadows while I kept a lookout for Boboh 3 stories up…kind of a Boboh stakeout. Our hearts are heavy and we have ceased our search efforts until early morning (that way our neighbors don’t accidentally shoot us thinking we are backyard burglars…).  So put Boboh in your prayers…we/he needs them.

boboh screensaver
boboh screensaver

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