The Fish Snake

I find myself astounded when somebody doesn’t know who Hadag Nahash are. C’mon people The FISH SNAKE…who doesn’t know of this super famous band? Apparently most of the world outside the Middle East.

I suppose I should lower my fanbase expectations afterall up until 2 minutes ago I thought their name translated to “The IMG_1182 Fish and the Snake”…nope wrong it is just Fish Snake. #UlpanFailure .Anyhow, they performed in Brooklyn on Sunday night. Hundreds of fans (seriously…a packed house) rocking out in the pews of Congregation Beth Elohim. Yes, you read that correctly…the concert was held inside a synagogue.  Honestly, I felt they could have found a better venue (for multiple reasons). The primary reason being that I like to jump up and down, perform inspirational (or so I have deemed)  impromptu dance routines and spill my drink on myself or innocent bystanders at concerts. Pews are a bit..restrictive.   Matisyahu also performed a few songs. His mega hit song “One Day”  has this amazing spiritual reggae uplifting tone to it and received a bit of radio air time in the USA a few years ago. He has an interesting story and despite being in his mid-thirties looks like he is 106 (hard living?)… While 99% of the audience hip hopped along in Hebrew I sang along enthusiastically in Fauxbrew and needless to say this meant a lot throaty “kha” sounds.  Check out my favorite Hadag Nahash song ” The Sticker Song

Hadag Nahash


5 thoughts on “The Fish Snake

  1. You seriously thought your parents would know ? As a matter of fact I understand less and less of what you are saying.however I can totally see you dancing but no spilling! Or a warning sign that says to stay away from you are dancing.I do have a problem with dancing and having a concert in a synagogue but that is my problem to ponder on. And BTW what is ulpan?

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