Living it Up at the…Library

the library
the library

I decided that I needed to take advantage of my neighborhood library (after being inspired by my Pittsburgh friend’s nightstand stacked with library books).  I have been in desperate need of a writing place that is in stumbling distance of my apartment in order to combat my leaving the house laziness (note: I used to have a gym in the building that I lived in and despite its simple 30 second elevator flight…it proved “too far” …I went a whopping one time).

Writing from home has proved to be “lo tov” (not good)  as I am easily distracted by my f-ing adorbs cat tribe and binge watching Naked and Afraid (best show EVER!) that allow me to fantasize about being a wilderness survivalist. The library also has the added bonus of a printer (not to mention wifi)…which will come in handy for school in a few weeks.

So I went and applied for a library card. There is something awesome about having a new, shiny blue Brooklyn Public Library card. I immediately felt this great sense of POWER as if this card would unlock the secrets of the universe…maybe it will. The downside of this particular library branch  is that from about 2:30pm onwards it resembles a block party. I apparently am “old school” in my beliefs that a library should be a place of whispers if not silence. Perhaps my 35 years living on this planet is showing.

I initially set up my laptop in the kids section as it felt less a little more comfortable than the adult alternative however after a few minutes I felt as if people were labeling me as a pedophile sitting at the low kid friendly tables with not only my electronic equipment but the Jaycee Dugard book I had picked out. By the time I moved to the “grownup area” the block party had commenced so I printed out a health care form I needed and meandered my way home. Good times.

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