Leaving on a Greyhound…

boboh about townI just booked myself a little writer/soul retreat. Tuesday morning I’ll be headed to the green state of Maine via the luxurious Greyhoud bus.  Asides from my chosen mode of transportation,  I am excited to write, hike, star gaze, fire pit sit and just be. 

I considered flying to California to visit friends/ family, camp, hike and just get in a good head space for school but financially it just didn’t seem practical as I am going back later in the summer/fall for a friend’s wedding. PLUS I love, love, LOVE, love, love Maine. I spent two summers there working as a camp counselor (I taught canoe and archery) and it quickly became one of my favorite places in the world.

The only foreseeable downside is that I won’t be spending Shavout (aka “cheesecake holiday”) in the city or…around any other members of the tribe (presumably).  For the past 4 maybe 5 years I’ve gone to the JCC on the Upper West Side to eat cheesecake until the early morning hours while listening to discussions on various aspects of Judaism by amazing speakers. I’m going to think about how I can observe the holiday in a rural setting. If you have any ideas…let me know.

Additionally the end of this week commemorates the 1 year anniversary of my conversion…I think this solo journey will serve as an excellent time to take stock of my Jewish journey.

In other news, I bought a stroller and took my cat for a walk around Brooklyn. Yup. #confessions


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