Ruth the YouTube Star

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 9.47.50 AM This year I spent Shavout eating vanilla ice cream (I sadly had a difficult time procuring cheesecake) under the stars of rural northern Maine. I read the Book of Ruth from the comfort of my cabin and afterwards indulged in finding how she is represented in the digital world. 

Here is what I found;

1. The Story of Ruth starring Peggy Wood (from Sound of Music fame) as Naomi and Elana Eden as Judaism’s favorite convert: Ruth. The film is just what you would expect from a 1960s biblical feature: large clumsy sets, robotic actors that speak at times with this awkward caveman-ish affect and… I fell asleep half way through. The New York Times concurs.

2. The Holy Tales series gives us Naomi and Ruth in an animated 4 minute short that gives you very little insight into their stories. My favorite part is how they pronounce the name Orpah as “Oprah.”

3. Ruth a Faithful Woman has an old-timey school video vibe to it. Skip to minute 10:48 for the infamous “giving of the sandal.” Note; this movie is best viewed stoned or intoxicated.

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 9.47.14 AM
“I will give you my sandal”

4. Ruth and Noami is another animated short geared at Jesus loving children. Look past the odd puppet noses and you’ll find this kinda depressing featurette is the best of the bunch.

5. I’m With You is a song dedicated to Naomi and Ruth. Get your lighters out and sway along.

6. Song of Ruth is yet another song dedicated to Naomi and Ruth. This sappy tune with accompanying video may lead you to believe that Jesus took part in their journey. Hmmmm.

7. Ruth the Israelite is just a whole new spin on Ruth. It lead me to a Montel Williams episode about Israelites. Scary.


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