School Ties

IMG_7469 (1)Forgive me but I couldn’t help make the 1992 movie reference in my post title.  I”m officially a student! Bring on the keggers and frat boys. I am kicking-off my college reentry by taking 4 summer semester courses (2 each “semester”). So much to share but where to start?

Perhaps the most fascinating part of my back-to-school experience thus far have been with my “Religious Experience” course. I thought it would be a sort of a religious survey but instead it discusses the non-rational, metaphysical elements of engaging in religion. I find this unbelievably fascinating and feel like it has helped deepen my ties to Judaism and the world around me.  Thus far (one month in…) I’ve been reading and discussing the following books;  The Journey to Ixtlan (Carlos Castaneda), The Ego and the Archetype (Edinger) and The Idea of Holy (Otto).

Each one has a very distinct theme however I am most enamoured by Rudolf Otto’s The Idea of Holy. I give him 100% of the credit for my new vocabulary I have acquired to describe all the non-rational elements of Judaism. The reading is a little dense but I find the more I read it the easier it is to understand.

I’ve been watching films about older people going back to school…I find it rather inspiring and comforting.  I just realized that I haven’t found any showcasing the experience for woman. Hmmmm. It’s briefly touched upon in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” but that’s about it.

Here’s a clip from one I just rediscovered: Back to School.  This kind of exemplifies how I am in my english lit. course.

Asides from the new-agey vending machines the biggest difference from my perspective in attending college just out of high school vs. in your thirties is that I am more engaged academically. When I was 18 and a freshman at Sacramento State I was more concerned with being away from home for the first time, how to decorate my dorm room and finding my independent adult identity than with the actual learning process.  I remember very little of the actual coursework and attribute this with having a “just get through this” attitude (think Rizzo in the movie Grease). Sigh. What is the phrase…”youth is wasted on the young?” I get it now.


3 thoughts on “School Ties

  1. Give it some time, I barely remember college and I went from 28-35. It always ended up being one long push to the next semester. Still, I loved all of it, and the few things I do remember are REALLY freaking useful. 🙂

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