Castrating G-d.

IMG_1916Not my phrase…although I wish I had thought of it. This is from “radical” theologian Mary Daly‘s book: “Beyond God the Father.” She calls Eve: “patriarchy’s prostitute.” Just brilliant.

I am soooo digging this.  I am reading it for my women and religion course and WHOAH, more of a mindf-k than Rudolf Otto’s “The Idea of the Holy”.  From what I have gathered by reading the first few chapters, she is encouraging both men and women to de-construct religion and she makes a lot of crazy wonderful arguments. We should question our religious framework as this is our life and as Jews thankfully it is encouraged (I’m sure only to a point in more orthodox circles…?). As was asked of me on the first day of class, I will ask of you—-take a look at the two creation stories in Genesis. How are we as men and women initially represented and how does this kick-off our human experience?

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