Feminism , Tots & Vacation

primer School has been keeping me insanely busy and… I love it! For my “women and religion” course I wrote a short primer for the “radical progressive-feminist child” that touches upon the messages of a few theologians. It proved a hard task and I’m sure no child will be able to understand what I wrote. Sooooo you just get the cover page. 

Today is the last day of the summer session. Honestly, I’m a little sad. I’ve loved my professors (especially my Women & Religion course professor) and subject matter despite the intense summer session structure. In the past four weeks I’ve read 3 books (plus countless handouts), written 6 papers and have had 4 finals (2 projects & 2 tests). Hopefully it will prove a great kickstart to the craziness I expect with the fall session when I’ll have be juggling 5 courses and work. As I have 2 weeks until the fall session I’m heading to rural California to spend time with my parents. I can’t wait to camp & hike with my dad, watch movies with my mom,  see friends and visit with my brother and his fiance. To continue the academic reading I plan to FINALLY read this book by Jewish feminist theologian Judith Plaskow…should have read it ages ago called “Standing Again at Sinai.” Light reading I’m sure.

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