Fuel the Elul

pre-gaming 5776
pre-gaming 5776

First off…what is the correct spelling of “Rosh Hashanna?” Obviously this is an opportune moment to check-in with the Hebrew spelling (ראש השנה)…but point being is dealing with the  5000 different English equivalents is f-ing annoyingand confusing.

Rosh Hashana, Rosh Hashannah, Rosh HaShanna, Rosh Hoshanna,

…I’m sure there a many other spellings that I have overlooked.


Growing up a member of the goyim I remember thinking of of Rosh Hosannah as the MOST “Jewish” sounding of all the tiny printed calendar holidays as well equating Anne Frank as its poster child.  Knowledge changes everything. I’ll write a review of my 5775 and the lessons I learned later.

FFT after-

On Tuesday, I attended the first session of Fuel for Truth. I’ll be honest, when I walked in the room and saw a power-point presentation entitled something in the vein of “principles of persuasion,” I was tempted to scream; “THIS IS PROPAGANDA BULL S–T!” Thank goodness I stuck around (although I feel they would be better-off re-titling the first presentation). It was more about learning to listen to other people’s arguments against Israel without screaming, interrupting or bullying. Everyone is entitled on their opinion and we as Israel advocates are more effective when we truly listen and have a discussion vs. a heated debate (which is what usually happens). This was followed by a quick history on the creation of Israel and a night capped off with mingling at a nearby bar. I’m looking forward to the next session in 5776.

Back to watching “Three Men and a Little Lady” before my Hebrew class. I know, I know…you are not sure what to do with that statement.

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