NEW york

snowy home

I am officially vacationed OUT…which sounds like a “1st world problem” to the nth degree. Since December 22nd I’ve been in California visiting my parents (for the Christmas holiday) and reconnecting with some of my very best friends in Lake Tahoe and Sacramento. It has been a delightfully indulgent experience to say the least but I am ready to head home.    Later this rainy afternoon I am San Francisco bound ($6 bus ticket thanks to MegaBus! )  for my final California day. I mistakenly thought my flight home was today and upon further ticket inspection  was sadly confronted with a January 5th (not 4th) take-off reality.   This vacation has put my twelve year residential relationship with  NYC in perspective; I love it and it is home. I miss my apartment, my cats,  my friends, the energy, the food, school,  my bed, the convenience and THE JEWS (where the F are my tribe members in California?).  I came to this realization while watching the pre-recorded infamous Times Square  ball-dropping festivities inside a super lame South Lake Tahoe casino “club” (using this term lightly).  NYC seemed light years away from that screen and that caused some severe indigestion (or perhaps it was the copious amounts of holiday foods and beverages…) that I should apologize for. I shall however return with a new sense of love and admiration for my adopted home with traces of sadness that my home state of California isn’t a short car ride away for more frequent visits.

Jew confession (as this is a place of honesty);  I didn’t realize what day of the week it was and accidentally skipped SHABBAT last week.  This is how dire my Jew situation is here.

Happy 2016!!!

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