Family Ties

20130819-133911.jpg  I downloaded all 7 seasons of Family Ties and have been watching it non-stop. It’s comforting, like sucking my thumb with my pink blanket “Buppie” (damn, I miss that blanket).

I remember watching the show throughout my childhood (mostly on the VHS tapes my mom used to record the show)…Alex P. Keaton broke the news about Santa to me. An off-handed comment to his sister Jennifer, forced me to run to the door of the bathroom where my mom was taking a bubble bath, slide my small hands underneath the door and loudly yell”Mommmmm! Is Santa real”? After her bath, she explained the bleak reality of the jolly man who had left my Grandma a large of sack of presents for her to distribute to my brothers and I on Christmas day. It was information that I was not to share with either of my younger brothers. Safekeeping a secret was a nice consolation prize.

Recently, my parents separated after 38 years of marriage. I’ve been rather emotional about it as it is a strange reality to be facing.  Instead of turning to wine, food or God, I have found myself clinging to the fictional Keaton family of 80s television.  They were present during my family’s “golden years” and represent a snippet of time when all was warm, cozy and together in my family.






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