Shul Shopping: Round “Shtaiym.”


shul shopping bag.jpgThe search for a kick-ass Orthodox Jewish synagogue continued this past Shabbos when I headed to Manhattan to check out – Kihilath Jeshurun. I was a few minutes late (which I’m realizing has become part of a problematic Shabbat pattern as of late) literally putting my blazer to cover my sleeveless dress as the security guards outside the synagogue doors asked if I was there for the Sephardic or Ashkenazi service. Ooooh, I love a choice. Ashkenazi.

As many of you know I have siddur phobia and my fears were ever present as this on did not offer transliteration. This meant for most of the service I scrambled to figure out where we were in the text via my pre-school-despite-taking-ulpan-level-1-twice Hebrew knowledge. I did OK…but the 7-year-old boy who recited a prayer next to the cantor did waaaaaaaaaaay better than me. I’ll admit to some Hebvy (Hebrew + envy).

I was a little disappointed by the women’s side of the mechitza as it comprised of only 5 or 6 older women with fancy hats and pillbox size hair accessories whereas the opposite side featured throngs of suit-clad gorgeous men on the other. Then again, maybe this was a good thing. Overall there were good vibes.

 If I’m even going to consider converting Orthodox I need to find the right community that encapsulates my “Jewish values.” I definitely want to check out some of KJ’s classes not to mention attend services on a regular basis to get a better sense of it. The only issue is that one of the rabbis was in the news last week. Apparently he’s not “Jewish enough” for the rabbinical court of Israel. Sigh. I wonder if Ivanka Trump is sweating it (she also converted through this rabbi?

Somebody told me that no Orthodox synagogue would have “Elohim” in its title as that is taking G-d’s name in vain…is that true?

3 thoughts on “Shul Shopping: Round “Shtaiym.”

  1. Lol the phrase “kick-ass Orthodox Jewish synagogue” gave me a good giggle.

    I hope you find a place that you feel happy in and connect with 🙂

  2. Yes. That is true about the shul name. In the modern orthodox world in the US, you will not find many women attending on a Friday night. Outside of college campuses, I don’t know where you will find a good Friday night service. Maybe the Carlebach shul. W.86th St?

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