3:30am & I’m Bothered…

It’s 3:30am and I’m working an overnight shift. Being wide awake at this time and stone cold sober is an odd state of being.

There are trivial things I’m bothered by like the physical state of my iphone (the home button doesn’t work & camera lens busted) and as my iphone is not used for making actual phone calls (that honor goes to my “retro phone” a simple black flip-phone) & relies solely on wifi- it compromises my Pokemon Go playing.

A step up from these upsets is the reality of today. It presents itself in sighs, dumb questions and google searches. Like fffffff-k I’m 36, and I should NOT have a fat roll. I don’t have kids or work full-time so in theory I should have ample time for that black hole of sweat & televisions aka “The Gym.” Is it too late to become an Olympic gymnast (yes.)? Oh and Winona Ryder’s career and why that Blurry Face song makes me cry. I really love both.

Then there is THE BIG STUFF that I can’t solve tonight or even tomorrow – Islamaphobia, anti-semitism, racism, homelessness, terrorism, love and bad movies (c’mon Hollywood…some of the stuff that gets made is just CRAP!). There is an overwhelming amount of ignorance that breeds hate which breeds violence. This makes me tired and I can’t be tired because it’s now 4am and I have 5 more hours to go until my shift is over.


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