Go Hawks!

image1 (2).JPGI have started what is hopefully my final year of undergrad (please note this should’ve happened 16 years ago…)! Several months ago when I initially registered for the fall semester, I thought it would be a great idea to take 6 hours of Spanish every Sunday. This would free up my week and who needs Sundays anyway? A minor sacrifice for the greater good of education. Right? Last week I did the “life- in- the- real- world- math” and realized I would never be able to brunch, sleep-in, go away for the weekend etc. This did not sit well. No me gusta. Thankfully I found a weekday session. What is Spanish for “phew?”

Next, I was faced with another scheduling dilemma: evenings.  I thought it was a genius move to take an evening course. Once again this proved to be poor thinking for a variety of reasons;  1. This would not bode well for my somewhat existent dating life 2. the class ends around 10pm so I would get home sometime around 11pm. 3. It would limit my part-time babysitting, homeless outreaching and odd job income. In this case every other section of the class was closed, so I obsessed getting on a wait-list (which I’ve never ever done). Waitlisting required me to wake up at 6am (unheard of!) on the first day of school in order to kiss a– to the professor at 8:00am. I feel like G-d had a hardy laugh when I showed up and class was cancelled for the day. Sigh.

Today (Friday) is the day I’ve been really waiting for—the first day of the classes I actually wanted to take; New Testament & Islam. My summer goal had been to read several books to prepare myself-naturally propelling myself to the head of the class. Instead I opted to watch Netflix and read Harry Potter. Sigh.

In other frustrations— I count down class time inside my favorite Hunter College library spot. Unfortunately somebody in the administration thought it would be a fantastic idea to work on the heating and AC units. This has flooded my quiet space with noise and uh dust. Cough.

All this aside…it is good to be back.

*I realize this is not the most exciting post. I promise for dishier ones in the near future.



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