5777 Here I Come!

IMG_4882.jpgShana Tova! I predict that 5777 is going to be a helluvah year.

It has been ages since my last post, however Shisksa*ism has been going strong on Facebook and Instagram…so please check it out and “like” it…or whatever the appropriate term is. I feel like I have been sucked into the “Upside Down” due to my school commitments. 

I spent Rosh Hashanah at Manhattan Jewish Experience (MJE). They are a “user friendly” Modern Orthodox shul with several locations around the city. Thankfully a friend from my advocacy group was there so I exhibited 1 degree less of social awkwardness than usual.

So let’s catch up.  First- I am OBSESSED with my classes this semester and love that with the exception of Spanish I am taking only religion classes (New Testament, Islam & Nature of Rel.). They are a constant mind F-gang bang-of -awesomeness and I can feel my brain explode in slow-motion.  I am baffled by how little about I know about the New Testament despite growing up Christian. I feel like my Sunday school teachers taught me that Mark, Luke & Matthew were best friends and ummmmm they not only never met but were from different time periods and backgrounds. They write from completely different perspectives and agendas. Matthew wants to prove Jesus is the messiah so his writing chocked full of Hebrew bible references. Matthew & Luke “plagiarize” verses from Mark who ends his gospel with a cliff-hanger and Luke writes in descriptive beautiful prose. 

Aaaaaaaaaaaand OMG it is crazy how much ignorance there is revolving around Islam! My course hasn’t yet touched upon Islamic law or modern times but I have learned we should be disgusted by our social media outbursts on the subject.  Once all the new facts & figures marinate a bit more in my brain I can hopefully bring some light using facts to combat the social media shit storm blanketing our feeds. 

In other news, I am starting to prep for the dreaded (cue horror music) GRE! I finally figured out where I want to focus my master degree program attention and unfortunately they require it…it’s going to be painful. Getting tense thinking about it.


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