I Ordered a…

screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-9-34-25-pmI ordered a life-size cardboard cut-out of Hillary Clinton. This should be an indicator that the last few weeks have been rough but a possible new Instagram account is being created.  

I meant to write earlier, but I have been too busy debating the scope and constitutionality of free speech in my social media feeds. It is my right as a citizen to question my leaders. It is my right to protest the president-elect and more importantly I have a moral obligation as a Jew to speak up against intolerance.

I find that most Trump supporters are silent and those that are vocal, chide the election backlash as just “crazy liberal propaganda.” I have heard privately from a few Trump supporting friends that confessed that they are afraid to speak out publicly as they might lose business or friendships. From my standpoint, if you can’t be courageous enough to stand-up for the candidate you felt best supported your ideals then….it was the wrong candidate.

I am particularly disheartened by the Trump supporters I know from my pro-Israel advocacy group. In advocacy, our goal is to illuminate the world through education about Israel. It is a cause I wholeheartedly believe in. However I now question the motives and opinions of group members who cast their vote for a man who ran on a platform of fear mongering. Is nobody alarmed that our president-elect has brought up registering Muslims? Is this not reminiscent of times we have pledged “never again?” Is nobody alarmed that some people view this President as their way to “make America white again?” Is nobody alarmed that religious freedom is under “renovation”? 

I don’t know, I’m tired. For the time being I hold on to the hope that good news is in the horizon.






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