Marching  with New Yorkers against the immigration and refugee bans.

I’m exhausted and it’s only February. 2017 has already proved overwhelming. Between Trump protests, carrying around a cardboard cut-out of Hillary Clinton, marches, online debates, and school work, I’ve had little time to post…although I have been keeping up with Shiksa-ism’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter presence (so follow me already!).

running around DC with Hillary

I am super proud of the 20 New York City  Rabbis that were arrested after engaging in some old-fashion civil disobedience, in front of Trump Tower (on behalf of immigrants of refugees). I know from my very diverse Facebook community that their actions will be criticized to the extent that some will call them “not Jewish.” I have no words …or at least ones not riddled with obscenities for these tribe members.  I think standing up against injustice and exercising our rights as citizens— is Judaism in action. Religion is not just about lighting candles on Shabbat…it’s about our connection with community and the world at-large. Muslims are not our enemy…ignorance is.


I’m tired of the rants against “liberals.” This is not about political affiliation…this is about human affiliation. I am not simply a “sore loser” (despite my cardboard cut-out of Hillary…). It goes way, way, way, way, way, beyond my candidate preference. We can sit in our communities silent or we can stand up and speak out. There is significant amount of whining from individuals that feel that they shouldn’t speak out because nobody is speaking out on their behalf… or that protest rallies are full of people they cannot relate to. I assure you people come from all backgrounds. I can be a Zionist, a Jew AND love my Muslim neighbors AND want rights over my body as a woman AND support LGBTQ rights AND care about what is happening at Standing Rock.This isn’t an either/or situation…there is common ground to be found. Anywaaaaaaay….enough of that for now. I should have inserted a cat photo.

Justifying my SnapChat addiction by using it to practice my Hebrew.

School. This is hopefully my last semester of school. I’ve been applying to grad schools (at a glacial pace) in hopes to study some aspect of theology next fall. Fingers and toes crossed. I started spring semester last week and wow…I am enrolled in some amazing courses–Burkinis and borders, Abrahamic Faiths and Hebrew (ohhh yes, I’m giving it another go) to name a few. I’m also taking an honors seminar where I am already working on a proposal to write about religion and the media (more on this later). Exhausted just thinking about it…there is so much work to be done.

CAMERA trivia night with friends.


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