A Jew Named Chriss

IMG_2672I was born and raised a Protestant, baptized a Mormon at the naive age of 21, a few months dabbling in Scientology and 10 years later found myself converting to Judaism. I took a dip in the mikvah on May 22, 2014 and  spent the first few months of 2015  living in Israel. Shortly thereafter, I went back to school to finish my BA in Religion at Hunter College in NYC and this September started my Masters degree in Theological Studies at Harvard Divinity School.

Religion is fascinating to me.  I hope that Shiksaism can not only talk about my Jewish experience but also about religion in general. There are so many threads that connect us to one another.

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3 thoughts on “A Jew Named Chriss

  1. Just want to give you a message of solidarity. MY name is Christine and my Reform conversion Beit Din & mikveh immersion were on 5/23/14. Quite the coincidence! I knew there could be issues with a Reform conversion, and offered my husband input to the choice. I have fewer issues, since I waited until I was in my 50’s, had been married for 33 years to that wonderful Jewish man (Reform) and children grown and out of the nest. Yes, I see ‘that look’ every time I am introduced to someone new at our synagogue, but 3 years after that first meeting with a rabbi, I feel completely connected to my congregation. I do periodically use my Hebrew name, Shirah, in some Jewish environments, but not as a rule. BTW: my supervising rabbi was a woman, AND the mikveh immersion was supervised by our female cantor (my rabbi fell 2 days before and had surgery the day of my conversion).

  2. A friend just passed on your piece in Jewcy (congrats!) You are a breath of fresh air and a total hoot! My path to Judaism is not that unsimilar and while not named Chris, I have a very Anglican Protestant name and have encountered some of the same resistance. Looking forward to moving back to NYC and picking up where I left off, navigating some of the same territory you are, as a Jew by choice.

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