I Get Sooo Emotional…

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I tried to quote the Whitney Houston song…in case you didn’t get the title reference.

This post is more like a state- of- the -union- journal- entry. No need to read further…just needed to get this out. I’ve been emotional lately…for a myriad of reasons and wanted to share a few… Continue reading “I Get Sooo Emotional…”


Stop Talking

FullSizeRender.jpg“So let me clarify your stance; you want to burn down the homes of ALL Muslims in the United States in order to encourage them to spy on neighbors that may or may not have been radicalized?” I took another hit from my hookah. Perhaps I had heard this twentysomething incorrectly. I repeated my question.

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3:30am & I’m Bothered…

It’s 3:30am and I’m working an overnight shift. Being wide awake at this time and stone cold sober is an odd state of being. Continue reading “3:30am & I’m Bothered…”


Family Ties

20130819-133911.jpg  I downloaded all 7 seasons of Family Ties and have been watching it non-stop. It’s comforting, like sucking my thumb with my pink blanket “Buppie” (damn, I miss that blanket).

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NEW york

snowy home

I am officially vacationed OUT…which sounds like a “1st world problem” to the nth degree. Since December 22nd I’ve been in California visiting my parents (for the Christmas holiday) and reconnecting with some of my very best friends in Lake Tahoe and Sacramento. It has been a delightfully indulgent experience to say the least but I am ready to head home. Continue reading “NEW york”


Hanukkah Swag

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 9.11.01 PMHanukkah Sweaters!!!!!


When Did I Get Old…Like Really Old?

Apparently I am aging at a far rapid pace than I have previously acknowledged. Continue reading “When Did I Get Old…Like Really Old?”


In the Land of Wifi

I didn’t realize how much wifi controls my world until it was…gone. Due to some mysterious apartment wiring I’ve been making due the past year with a friend’s connection password and now this option ceases to exist. Continue reading “In the Land of Wifi”


Off the grid 

I spent the past week in Northern California. The day of my arrival coincided with the last day of classes (oops!) which included an “oral final” for my Women & Religion course. I had made prior arrangements to call one of my classmates and take take the oral part ala speakerphone. It worked! I discussed Mary Daly and Amina Wadud’s take on the subject of virginity loudly inside the rental car area. I’m sure my fellow car renters felt like they had stumbled into an educational bonus…or were just appalled. Honestly, I am kinda rooting for the latter.

In addition to educating  society on feminist theory  I did the following in an 8-day period:

1. Slept in a tipi.

2. Had a cliff note version of Shabbat dinner with my parents (their first!)

3. Attended a murder trial (guilty!)

4. Camped with my dad.

5. Watched “Pollyanna” with my  mom.

6. Set up a VFW (Veterens of Foreign Wars) breakfast.

7. Guest taught a group of high school drama students.

8.  Visited with friends.

9. Discussed Boboh-the-cat’s artistic future.

10.  Drank a wine called “you are a redneck if you drinks this.”

11. Made friends with a dog named “Bob.”

12. Survived not having wifi.

…it was a busy week. School starts up again on Thursday. I am most excited for my Hebrew course…hoping my six weeks at Ulpan in Tel Aviv will give me a head start.