My Jewish Library

I love to read…and as religion fascinates me in general my library has something for everyone.


The Jewish Study Bible

 Living a Jewish Life (Anita Diamant)

 Standing Again at Sinai (Judith Plaskow)

  The New American Haggadah (Jonathon Safren Foer)

The Sabbath (Heschel)

Unorthodox ( Deborah Feldman)

Unscrolled (various)

There Shall Be No Needy (Rabbi Jill Jacobs)

Rebbe (Joseph Telushkin)


The Case for Israel (Alan Dershowitz)

My Promised Land: the Triumph and Tragedy of Israel (Ari Shavit)


God the biography (Jack Miles)

Walking the Bible (Bruce Feiler)

The Year of Living Biblically (AJ Jacobs)

The Book of Job: When Good Things Happen to a Good Person (Harold Kushner)

Abraham (Bruce Feiler)


 Jesus Land (Julia Scheeres)

  Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff Christ’s Childhood Pal (Christopher Moore)

Zealot (Reza Aslan)


.Daybreak (Nietzche).

 Religion within the Bounds of Bare Reason ( Kant)

 Philosophical Fragments (Kierkegaard)


 Why I Believe (various)

Standing for Something (Gordon B. Hinckley)

Mormon America (Ostling)

Under the Banner of Heaven (Krakeur)


The Problems of Work (Hubbard)

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