Stop Talking

FullSizeRender.jpg“So let me clarify your stance; you want to burn down the homes of ALL Muslims in the United States in order to encourage them to spy on neighbors that may or may not have been radicalized?” I took another hit from my hookah. Perhaps I had heard this twentysomething incorrectly. I repeated my question.

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3:30am & I’m Bothered…

It’s 3:30am and I’m working an overnight shift. Being wide awake at this time and stone cold sober is an odd state of being. Continue reading “3:30am & I’m Bothered…”


10339567_10152452385715280_5406210322134816053_nCheck out MY FIRST essay has been published by “Jewcy.”

Super, duper, triple  psyched to share some of my dating adventures as a  Jewish convert.








IMG_2726.jpg I was genuinely excited to find out there was a Modern Orthodox synagogue in Prospect Heights -not too far from where I live in Brooklyn. It sounded like the perfect kick-off to Orthodox conversion shul shopping.

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Family Ties

20130819-133911.jpg  I downloaded all 7 seasons of Family Ties and have been watching it non-stop. It’s comforting, like sucking my thumb with my pink blanket “Buppie” (damn, I miss that blanket).

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When We All Get Together

I had the opportunity to cover a story for The Villager, a weekly community paper in New York City about an interfaith music event in the East Village. Continue reading “When We All Get Together”