I Get Sooo Emotional…

Boboh the Blogger

I tried to quote the Whitney Houston song…in case you didn’t get the title reference.

This post is more like a state- of- the -union- journal- entry. No need to read further…just needed to get this out. I’ve been emotional lately…for a myriad of reasons and wanted to share a few… Continue reading “I Get Sooo Emotional…”


Once Upon a Time…

Once upon my 26th birthday and looooooong before I knew what shabbat shalom meant, I had a Bat Mitvah themed birthday party.

As I had worked as a summer camp counselor midst many Jewish teens, I was practically an expert (or so I thought…) on the subject of Bat Mitvah. I knew  it incorporated the following;  1. a big budget party. 2. giving a monologue that my party attendees would be forced to listen to 3. Hebrew. 

 At the time, I was living in Boro Park and just a few blocks from what I called a Judaic “super store” where I purchased such party favors as Purim plague masks, Star of David shaped bubbles wands and a bubby & zaidy cake topper. Based on these items you can tell this was obviously during my drug and booze fueled wild days. An amused Jewish co-worker wrote out the transliterated lyrics to Happy Birthday in Hebrew. . Joyful, goyim (joyim?) times! Image