Venting… B’Ivrit

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Sukkot at Harvard Div

Chag sameach tribe! I’ve stopped and started a million + 1 posts to share with you the wonderful world of divinity school yet…here we are.  I’ve decided instead of trying to recount everything up until this point I’m just going to throw you into my mad world –head first.

I need to vent.

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Castrating G-d.

IMG_1916Not my phrase…although I wish I had thought of it. This is from “radical” theologian Mary Daly‘s book: “Beyond God the Father.” She calls Eve: “patriarchy’s prostitute.” Just brilliant.

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Yom Ha’atzmaut

Prior to the start of my conversion to Judaism, I never gave much thought about Israel asides from it being a place of great Biblical importance and a place where bombings seem to be common place. Continue reading “Yom Ha’atzmaut”