I Get Sooo Emotional…

Boboh the Blogger

I tried to quote the Whitney Houston song…in case you didn’t get the title reference.

This post is more like a state- of- the -union- journal- entry. No need to read further…just needed to get this out. I’ve been emotional lately…for a myriad of reasons and wanted to share a few… Continue reading “I Get Sooo Emotional…”


Tribal Acceptance

Israeli SuperHero

Last night on the eve of my 2nd “Jewnniversary,” I attended a house party in Manhattan.

Continue reading “Tribal Acceptance”

When Did I Get Old…Like Really Old?

Apparently I am aging at a far rapid pace than I have previously acknowledged. Continue reading “When Did I Get Old…Like Really Old?”

5775- The Year of…

It is not only important but crucial that we reflect on the ups, downs and all-arounds of our year as Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur approach. So here are the “cliff-notes” version to life in 5775; the year I… Continue reading “5775- The Year of…”

Back in the USA. Sigh.

welcoming committee
My amazing welcome committee.

After an emotional goodbye and 14 hours of flying on a craptastic Russian airline…I arrived back in New York City. My adventure in Israel was over. Three of my friends surprised me with signs at the airport which temporarily changed my “F-the world” disposition and we headed home via yellow cab to Brooklyn. Continue reading “Back in the USA. Sigh.”