Venting… B’Ivrit

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Sukkot at Harvard Div

Chag sameach tribe! I’ve stopped and started a million + 1 posts to share with you the wonderful world of divinity school yet…here we are.  I’ve decided instead of trying to recount everything up until this point I’m just going to throw you into my mad world –head first.

I need to vent.

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I Get Sooo Emotional…

Boboh the Blogger

I tried to quote the Whitney Houston song…in case you didn’t get the title reference.

This post is more like a state- of- the -union- journal- entry. No need to read further…just needed to get this out. I’ve been emotional lately…for a myriad of reasons and wanted to share a few… Continue reading “I Get Sooo Emotional…”

Fuel the Elul

pre-gaming 5776
pre-gaming 5776

First off…what is the correct spelling of “Rosh Hashanna?” Obviously this is an opportune moment to check-in with the Hebrew spelling (ראש השנה)…but point being is dealing with the  5000 different English equivalents is f-ing annoying Continue reading “Fuel the Elul”

Living it Up at the…Library

the library
the library

I decided that I needed to take advantage of my neighborhood library (after being inspired by my Pittsburgh friend’s nightstand stacked with library books).  I have been in desperate need of a writing place that is in stumbling distance of my apartment in order to combat my leaving the house laziness (note: I used to have a gym in the building that I lived in and despite its simple 30 second elevator flight…it proved “too far” …I went a whopping one time).

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The Fish Snake

I find myself astounded when somebody doesn’t know who Hadag Nahash are. C’mon people The FISH SNAKE…who doesn’t know of this super famous band? Apparently most of the world outside the Middle East.

I suppose I should lower my fanbase expectations afterall up until 2 minutes ago I thought their name translated to “The IMG_1182 Fish and the Snake”…nope wrong it is just Fish Snake. #UlpanFailure . Continue reading “The Fish Snake”

Back in the USA. Sigh.

welcoming committee
My amazing welcome committee.

After an emotional goodbye and 14 hours of flying on a craptastic Russian airline…I arrived back in New York City. My adventure in Israel was over. Three of my friends surprised me with signs at the airport which temporarily changed my “F-the world” disposition and we headed home via yellow cab to Brooklyn. Continue reading “Back in the USA. Sigh.”

The Student Tovah


Hebrew is grueling ללמוד. Perhaps learning any language at the age of 34 (shaloshim Arbaah) would prove as challenging but this language from an English speaker’s perspective seems particularly challenging.

My first level of Ulpan is coming to a close and אני מרגיש that I still know zip. I know I am being hard on myself as there have been a few proud milestones: I can make my way slowly through a sentence with some comprehension and I have mastered my Borat impersonation…but I thought it would be easier. I know, I know, I know. Continue reading “The Student Tovah”