Sarah Jessica Parker isn’t the Only SJP.

copy_of_anti_semitic_2_xlarge-350x230Sigh. Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) crashed a march/rally/protest intended for issues happening at the City University of New York system and used it as a platform to shout a lot of anti-semitic bull sh-t. This took place outside of my beloved Hunter College last week.

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Feminism , Tots & Vacation

primer School has been keeping me insanely busy and… I love it! For my “women and religion” course I wrote a short primer for the “radical progressive-feminist child” that touches upon the messages of a few theologians. It proved a hard task and I’m sure no child will be able to understand what I wrote. Sooooo you just get the cover page.  Continue reading “Feminism , Tots & Vacation”